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From: Erik L. Montemer (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 16:53:23 EDT

c-bit is application specific framing. M13 is channelized DS-3. You
probably don't want to run M13 unless you're breaking off individual T-1s.
Running M13 in a non-muxed environment wreaks havoc on any constant bitrate
applications. M13 is commonly used with the CT3 cards.


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Subject: preferred DS3 framing


I'm ordering a DS3 to connect two POPs, and I'll have a PA-T3 on each

It's a bit off-topic, but does anyone have any recommendations (including
the why's) on whether I should order this framed or unframed? I see the
PA-T3 seems to support either mode of operation, but there are no
explanations as to what the advantages/disadvantages of unframed/c-bit/m13
modes of operation are. Do I lose alarm functionality if I go
unframed? If I go framed is there a preference for either c-bit or m13?

And if anyone has pointers to a good doc detailing the various framing
types and all that would be appreciated...



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