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What we are doing:
Any host that sends e-mail to an invalid username @ or is tested to insure that it is not an open-relay. due to the proliferation of spam due to open-relays we have found this to be a necessity.

we perform the same tests that are performed if you were to telnet to from your mail server. You can check those tests by doing so. It does a reverse-connect to your ip and tests it for a various set of ways that one can send e-mail that would turn out to pass through anti-relaying features.

if you have questions about the testing we are doing feel free to write us an e-mail.

Why was I directed here?

Query the open relay db

stats on # of relays, hosts, etc..

I fixed my relay, please remove me

I want to run my own tester

I want to tag messages with a header that says it's spam

Can I use your list on my own mail server?

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