[c-nsp] 6500 vs 7600

Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Tue Aug 8 20:57:46 EDT 2006

On Tue, Aug 08, 2006 at 08:48:45PM -0400, chris-lists at pipelinewireless.us wrote:
> Hopefully a simple question for all of you:
> If I can add the Sup720-3B/XL to either the 6500 or 7600 systems, why
> would you choose one over the other?
> My thought is the 6500+Sup720-3B/XL = 7600+Sup720-3B/XL+(pick choice of L2
> switch).  Why choose the 7600+L2 switch over a single unit of
> 6500+Sup720-3B/XL?

	They're the same.  I recommend buying the 65xx since
their BU is actually a bit more clued on some of the SP stuff
than the 76xx folks are.  The modular software (while currently
missing ipv6 and mpls stuff) is really the way of the future for
those people who are going to run IOS on their boxes.  The lack of
a modular software from the 76xx BU boggles my mind in many ways.

	It makes a difference which you buy as you're supporting
two different business units, and it's well worth sending the message
to Cisco that the 76xx folks are missing the mark (that is if you agree
with me).

> I'm trying to help a customer of ours choose which way to go - integrated,
> unified device for L2/L3 (i.e. 6500) or separate L2 and L3 devices (i.e.
> 3750 or the likes and 7600).  They are planning on being a mostly Ethernet
> shop, with most of their connections at the 100/1000Mb level.

	I recommend using a 65xx with a sup720 w/ pfc3bxl (or 3b if
you don't need to run bgp).  If you're not doing MPLS or IPv6, use
the modular software.  It will likely allow you to patch around that
next PSIRT issue (without reloading) when you can't afford the downtime.

	- Jared

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