[c-nsp] Router flash files

George Sobhi gsobhi at nileonebrokers.com
Tue Mar 6 07:23:09 EST 2007

How can I get router flash files like :

tftp-server flash:p00303020214

tftp-server flash:p00303020214.bin

tftp-server flash:p00403020214.bin

tftp-server flash:P00305000301.sbn

tftp-server flash:RingList.xml

tftp-server flash:ringer1.pcm

tftp-server flash:ringer2.pcm

tftp-server flash:ringer3.pcm

tftp-server flash:ringer4.pcm

tftp-server flash:ringer6.pcm


although  I don't know the tftp-server ip


George Sobhi


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