[c-nsp] 6509 w/WS-X6K-S2-MSFC2 vs 72xx/NPE-G2

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Tue Mar 13 14:17:31 EST 2007

We are looking to build out additional routing and switching capacity in our two 
Data Centers are are mulling our options.  Right now, we've got 4-5 72xx/VXR 
platforms with NPE200/300/400's doing various routing and aggregation duties. 
Our core is made up of two 7204VXR/NPE400's with a couple of DS-3s for transit 
at each location (soon to be joined by an OC-3) and switching is done by 
3550-48-EMIs out to the Co-lo customers.

Right now, we are looking at upgrading to the NPE-G2 at the core, or, going to 
6509 w/WS-X6K-S2-MSFC2's and the FlexWan module for the DS-3 and OC-3 PA's. 
Pricing for the 6509 in this config seems to be comparable or less than a -G2, 
so I was looking for any pros/cons to the two different platforms.  We will be 
taking full BGP feeds, running CEF, and have a few small ACLs, nothing fancy.

As far as switching, the pricing on the WS-X6348-RJ45's for the 6509's seems 
very attractive, are there any pros/cons on using those blades vs stand-alone 

Any advice would be appreciated.



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