[c-nsp] 7513 T3 Card Question

Pete Templin petelists at templin.org
Wed Mar 28 09:48:25 EST 2007

Paul Stewart wrote:

> One concept is to put a pair of PA-T3+ cards into the chassis and connect
> the T3's into a Telco Systems DS3 MUX - we're looking at 40-50 full rate T1
> customers some of which will be load balanced as well.....
> First question, will this work?  Second question, the 7513 only has VIP2-50
> cards in it and I read some Cisco docs that state minimum RSP7000 series
> processors and ours have RSP5000 series....

Nope.  You'd need PA-MC-T3 or PA-MC-2T3 cards.

You're also confusing legacy 7000-series _products_ (RSP7000) with 
underlying silicon (VIP2-50 uses the RISC-5000 CPU I believe).  VIP2-50 
will work, but I'd recommend an upgrade to VIP4-50 if possible.  ECC 
memory will save you countless headaches.  Additional packet buffer is 
also a good thing IMO.

> Looking for real-world feedback... other option is to just use 8 port T1
> cards (PA-MC-8T1) which seems like a safer bet at this point....

Another option, but again I'd recommend VIP4-50.


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