[c-nsp] Old Pix

David White, Jr. (dwhitejr) dwhitejr at cisco.com
Thu Apr 8 14:46:26 EDT 2010

copy & paste puts data into the running-configuration, and that is a
If you start with a blank config on the PIX (from clear config all),
then pasting in your old config should yield your old conf (other than
the fact that interfaces will be shutdown).

The other option is to take the config file and TFTP it to the
startup-config.  That will perform a 'replace' of the config.  Then
reboot the box.



Fancher, William wrote:
> I have an old Pix which I need to configure with a previously saved txt
> file from an identical machine.  I must use HyperTerminal.  I tried to
> use the copy paste aspects of the HyperTerminal but the configuration
> seems to append rather than overwriting.  Can someone help me out who
> knows what action I took or did not take to make this work
> Thanks
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