[c-nsp] Using EoMPLS where you'd normally use a VLAN

Jason Lixfeld jason at lixfeld.ca
Tue Apr 27 12:58:08 EDT 2010

What about a 6500+Sup720+SIP?

On 2010-04-27, at 2:00 AM, "Arie Vayner (avayner)" <avayner at cisco.com> wrote:

> Jason,
> You can do this with some of the devices. For example 7600 with ES+ (or
> ES20/SIP) modules can terminate a pseudowire (either point to point or
> VPLS...) on a SVI and also have layer 3 configuration on it. The same
> applies to ASR9000...
> This can be used for many interesting solutions such as HSRP across an
> MPLS domain, Layer 3 services for a VPLS domain etc.
> The extra hardware is required as this requires extra processing...
> Arie
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> Subject: [c-nsp] Using EoMPLS where you'd normally use a VLAN
> I'm wondering if I can use EoMPLS in a situation where I'd normally use
> a VLAN.
> For example, in a VLAN centric network, I'd have a node connected to an
> access port on switch 1.  Switch 1 would be connected directly to switch
> 2 over an appropriately configured 802.1q trunk port or access port.
> I'd assign an IP to an SVI on switch 2 and as long as the SVI had the
> same VLAN identifier as the access port on switch 1, I could pass
> traffic between the SVI on switch 2 and the node connected to the access
> port on switch 1.
> Is there an equivalent to this in EoMPLS land where I could do the same
> thing using two devices that were both acting as P+PE devices?  I know
> that normally you can't assign an IP address on an interface that is
> also configured with an xconnect, but I'm wondering if there's a feature
> out there somewhere that could make this sort of thing possible.
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