[c-nsp] LNS router options

John Elliot johnelliot67 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 12 22:38:32 EST 2012

Hi Guys,
Have a potential new pop that we are looking to terminate dsl tails(+MPLS,MPBGP, single Inet(full table), and some ethernet tails) - Have some space restrictions(RU)
Looking for some "real life" experience with the following platforms(Or alternatives?) on how many dsl tails they can support:
2851 - Cisco stated performance: 220,00PPS (2RU)2951 - Cisco stated performance: 580,000PPS (2RU) but assume quite $$?3845 - Cisco stated performance: 500,00PPS (3RU?)3925 - Cisco stated performance: 833,000PPS(3RU?) but assume quite $$?
(NB would max out the ram on them for the bgp table)
Initially we are looking at ~100 dsl tails, with growth to 150 in 6months....are we better off looking at the old faithful 7200?

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