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Gert Doering gert at greenie.muc.de
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On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 02:07:51PM +0000, Nick Hilliard wrote:
> On 18/01/2012 13:28, Gert Doering wrote:
> > And, just maybe, "non-compatibility of Sup2T with your existing stock
> > of line cards".  Like, all bus-based cards, and everything with a DFC 
> > on it.
> Gert, hardware upgrades need to happen; otherwise we would all be stuck
> using bus interfaces designed in the early 1990s.  

I'm aware of that, and we like 67xx cards where they make sense - and
use others like 6408A-GBIC, when we just need 2 or 3 GigE ports in
some location.

> Re: DFCs, either you have distributed forwarding or you don't.  If you do,
> you have much greater forwarding capacity.  If you don't, your network will
> be cheaper to build.  Shifting bits costs money.

Well.  Assume you have lots of existing 67xx cards with DFCs, and these 
DFCs have exactly the capacity that you need.  Now you get a Sup2T, and these
DFCs are no longer supported - what exactly does this have to do with
"much greater capacity"?

I can understand that supporting the DFC3s won't work, but it's something
to keep in mind, and something that makes purchasing of a Sup2T more than
"it's the same price than a Sup720-10G".


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