[cisco-voip] Turn ringer on/off

Ortiz, Carlos CORTIZ at broward.org
Thu Mar 23 12:48:33 EST 2006

Ok, the user page was the first thing I checked the other day, but I
don't see anything there.  Maybe I have to "allow it" as Wes put it.
Would this be done from the Call Mgr admin pages?


*	Forward all calls to a different number
*	Add/Update your Speed Dials
*	Configure your Cisco IP Phone Services
*	Add/Update your Service URL Buttons
*	Configure your Cisco Personal Address Book
*	Change the Message Waiting Lamp policy for your phone
*	Change the Locale for this phone
*	Change the Locale for these web pages
*	Change your Password <http://mr-cm-pub/ccmuser/password.asp>  
*	Change your PIN <http://mr-cm-pub/ccmuser/pin.asp>  
*	View the User Guide for your phone


Here are the options I currently see.





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if you don't have ccmuser access, you can add a 'whitenoise' ringer like
we did. i say whitenoise because even with it totally silent, the
speaker hisses a little bit. 


i've attached the file for your pleasure. 


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	Is there any way for the USER to turn the ringer on/off on a per
line basis?  The scenario is the user doesn't want to here the shared
line ringing unless the person that typically answers the phone is
unavailable (out, at a meeting, etc.)




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