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Check these links:
you can translate the timestamp with this method:

Put the timestamp in cell a1.

In cell a2, enter =a1/86400+25569.

To apply a new format to this cell, right-click and choose Format cells >
Numbers > Custom. In the Type field, enter dd:mmm:yyyy hh:mm.

	The output looks like this:

	04 Apr 2001, 13:57

 All examples shown assume that the CDR time stamp is in column A.
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time - This is the standard example you see across the
EST - Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 5:00)
CST - Central Standard Time (GMT - 6:00)
MST - Mountain Standard Time (GMT - 7:00)
PST - Pacific Standard Time (GMT - 8:00)
Now set your column format to a Date field to your liking.


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If someone already has an excel spreadsheet that has some macros to search
for specific fields and convert the time stamps correctly. Does CDR still
export in EPOCH time?


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CAR has an export features that dumps to CSV format. that imports directly
into excel.  can you clarify what else you may desire?

On Tuesday, July 21, 2009 10:26:49 PM , Voice Noob
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Does anyone have an excel spreadsheet that they can share to use with
dumping the CDR files form CUCM 6.x and above? I will dump all of the
records for a 7 day period into a single file and then want to display that
in excel in a somewhat readable format. Thanks. 



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