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Chris Ward (chrward) chrward at cisco.com
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Single inbox doesn't use SMTP (port 25). It posts the message directly using EWS. You can test EWS from the single inbox config pages and I would recommend that you do that. Also, Single Inbox is configured per user, so make sure the user you are testing has the service configured.

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Hi all,

I'm a bit confused. I had this working in the POC just two weeks ago. And now voicemails are not being delivered to the users email. 

The symptoms are:
Calendar integration works. Ie users can read their calendar. 
Exchange inbox works. CUC can read out users emails. 
Yes there is now a firewall in the middle, which could be an issue.    :(
Yes it could be the Exchange server now not relaying the email. 

The thing is I have done a utils network capture dest exchange.company.net and all I see is the EWS (https) traffic. 
Even when I do a utils network capture port 25 it shows nothing.

I would have thought I would see a transmission to TCP port 25 for SMTP.  Even if it was the firewall denying traffic. 

Dana Tong
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