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Information about the Research Group

While the chairs reserve the right to limit membership, we welcome all input including suggestions, drafts and participation on the RRG interest list. The chairs welcome proposals for sub-group formation at any time.

Current Activities

New Routing Architectures - Develop a document describing the requirements for a Next Generation Routing Architecture.

One of the key topics facing the Internet today is the issue of Interdomain routing scalability - the need for a new routing architecture. Currently, a sub-group of the IRTF RRG has been created to define and investigate what the possible requirements for such an architecture might be and to also explore possible methods. They are in the process of putting together a document for the RRG interest group and possible feedback into the IETF.

Micromobility - Investigating the Routing Aspects of Mobile Networking.

Status of Routing Research - Update on Research Activities of the Community

We encourage researchers in corporations, goverment and universities to submit information about their research. The RRG encourages collaboration and coordination in the routing research community. Information and details can be posted to Requests for sub-group formation should be directed to the RRG chairs.

Routing Research Workshops - Encourage new directions in routing research and broader discussions.

The RRG chairs will be organizing the first of multiple Routing Research Workshops in the next few months. Members of the community are requested to submit white papers to participate regarding the problems of Interdomain Routing Scaling and Routing Architecture solutions. A process will be in place to select papers for acceptance in the workshop. This will be documented in the call for papers to appear later this month. We believe that such a workshop will help to better define the problem space and encourage a diversity of ideas to foster complete solutions.


The Internet Research Task Force Routing Research group is chartered to explore routing problems that are important to the development of the Internet but are not yet mature enough for engineering work within the IETF. The group will work closely with the IESG Routing Area Director to ensure the free flow of information in both directions and avoid duplication of work with the various IETF working groups.

As a first step, the group will survey the state of the art in routing research and the needs of the user community (ISPs, router vendors, etc.); based on these results and the interests of the members, the group will choose a number of topics on which to focus. At that point, the group may decide to split up to work on these topics separately, or to remain a single group with a number of threads.

The research topics to be surveyed include:

  1. Routing protocol stability, convergence and scalability
  2. Fault tolerance
  3. Quality of Service routing
  4. Multicast routing
  5. Extremely dynamic constraint-based routing
  6. Traffic Engineering
  7. NAT and IPv6 routing
  8. Interations between Optical networks and routing
  9. Operational concerns of routing - fate-sharing, etc.
  10. Load-based and Performance-based routing

This group will have limited core membership, but will hold open meetings from time to time to solicit input from, and supply information to, the community. In particular, once per year there will be a review of the group's activities held at an IETF meeting. The mailing list will be an open forum.

Presentations, etc

Presentations, etc