RE: [nsp] Fabric Line Cards

From: David Sinn (
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 15:27:16 EDT

Packets where any of the source or destination ports are on a
non-fabric-enabled card will transit the backplane in full.

Packets between fabric-enabled cards will still use the fabric.

You will also not be able to reach the 30Mpps that the PFC can do. It
will be lower based on the percentage of traffic that is to or from
non-fabric-enabled ports.


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I heard a rumor and I'd like to see if anyone else can confirm it...

If I install non-fabric-enabled cards in my Catalyst 6509, will all the
cards revert to utilizing the Sup Engine?
or will the Fabric-Enabled line cards continue to use the SFM for

Ken W

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