[nsp] Cat8510 MSR/CSR + ATM and GigabitEthernet

From: TMS (tomek@absolut.vinyl.pl)
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 05:10:11 EDT


1) I need to buy "clean ATM Switch" with few ATM OC3 interfaces. I selected
Cisco Catalyst 8510 family. And now I thinking do CSR support ATM interfaces
and can switching ATM cells ? Or I need buy MSR...

2) I have one Cat8510 MSR without ARM module, and I'd like put in
it few Gigabit Ethernet modules. And the questions are:
- do MSR without ARM can do bridging (putting ATM PVC in Ethernet VLAN's and
- do MSR without ATM cat switch Ethernet frames between Ethernet ports ?


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