Re: [nsp] Cisco's support for RSVP-TE

From: Sean Crocker (
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 15:09:57 EDT

> I heard from some folks says cisco can only do LDP and not
>RSVP-TE. I find that hard to believe, but since they had more clout, I did
>not want to argue, but I figure I post in this forum and ask opening to
>Cisco?s support for RSVP-TE, I believe IOS 12.0.14ST above does it.

They're wrong. RSVP-TE works fine in at least 12.0ST, 12.0S,
12.2T, and probably a few other trains, and at least in
Enterprise featureset for 12.2T and SP for 12.0S/ST.

Perhaps they got confused and meant LDP isn't supported, but
even that's no longer true. LDP is supported in 12.2T, 12.0ST,
and upcoming 12.0S.


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