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Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 17:26:02 EDT

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> Hi All:
> Anyone have any experience using this software rev for RSP, Enterprise-VIP,
> or any of the IOS releases close to this. I have been told this is what I
> must use to enable ISL, HSRP and CEF at the same time, but I'm a little
> leary about moving out of the 11.1.x-CC train.
> Any insights, thoughts and/or rants are greatly appreciated.
> Mike

Double check, ISL is included in some of the 11.1 CC releases, and you
should find an intersection with HSRP. Consider CEF optional unless
you're already maxing out the CPU, it's 50/50 whether or not it will
work for you in 11.1 anyway...

As far as 12.x, there are bugs galore, but also zillions of new features
which you probably don't need to be using. Note that 12.0.xS does bring
in ISL w/o having to go to one of the kitchen-sink 12.0.xT releases.

Try it...


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