[nsp] 12.0.5T1, fastethernet not down on 7204VXR I/O when link disappea rs

From: ELAW@dr.dk
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 07:08:29 EDT

We're deploying a set of 7204VXRs with NPE200, using the fastethernet
adapter on the I/O card.

We've noticed, that when we disconnect the fastethernet interface (removing
the RJ-45 cable) the interface does NOT go down and stay down.
It toggles up and down.

We're running 12.0(5)T1.

The unfortunate side effect of this problem is, that routes to the IP net on
the fastethernet interface aren't cleared from IGP, and traffic is
blackholed to the router with the disconnected interface.

Anyone seen this, know of a workaround?


Erik Lawaetz
DK 2860 Søborg
Phone: +45 3520 2846
Fax: +45 3520 2050

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