[nsp] 5505, SE IIG and IOS versions availability

From: Dmitri Kalintsev (dek@hades.uz)
Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 07:46:41 EDT

Good day,

In the light of the latest happenings someone suggested me to upgrade an IOS
(or whatever do Catalysts run) :) to a more recent one. I went to CCO and to
my surprise did not find even an image that my switch runs rurrently (it's
SE IIG and it runs 5.1(2a), which (I assume) should be called something like
cat5000-supg.5-1-2a.bin. The latest image that runs on "G" SE's is 5.1(1). I
have found cat5000-sup.5-2-1.bin image there and downloaded it, but
signature inside the image does not look like one's I've saved from my

Saved image has "CAT5000-SUPG" at the very beginning and
cat5000-sup.5-2-1.bin image has "CATALYST 5000" in the same place.

Now, my question: "where on CCO is 5.2 image, that will run on SE IIG?" I've
downloaded a whole "ls -lR" of /cisco directory from CCO, and it does not
seem to have anything matching *supg*5-2-1* ...


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