Re: [nsp] Extremely flakey 7206VXR

From: Blaz Zupan (
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 14:08:34 EST

> Stupid question - have you tried replacing the power cables/supplies and
> using a sifferent circuit?

Actually not so stupid. My colleague is corrently on his way to the site and
we'll be putting in an additional UPS and because the only thing we had
available was one of those small 600VA UPS'es, we'll have to replace the cable
anyway to be able to connect the router to it. So we'll know shortly if that
helps. As far as the supply goes, we've replaced the whole chassis including
the power supply. I don't know about the circuit, but I vaguely remember
shuffling that around, but we'll do that again when we put in this additional

Thanks for your suggestions, I very much appreciate it!

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