RE: [nsp] local traffic dropped w ISL/CEF in 12.1.10, RSP8

From: Kinczli Zoltán (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 05:21:46 EST


  upgading to 12.2.6 has not helped either.
  after coverting the link from isl to dit1Q it works fine.


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Tárgy: [nsp] local traffic dropped w ISL/CEF in 12.1.10, RSP8


  There has been some similar threads before. In all cases
the mentioned bug seem to be resolved in earlier releases, maintenence

  Given a 7500 RSP8 running 12.1.10, IP Plus. There is a VIP4-80
with a PA-FE and PA-8MCE1. We run dCEF. The PA-FE is an ISL trunk
As soon as we turn on ip route-cache cef on the PA-FE local traffic gets
droppen via that interface, so severly, that BGP sessions terminate.
I'm not sure, if local traffic via other interfaces gets dropped or not.
Packets passing through the router are OK. Local as well as routed
traffic via the PA-8MCE1 is OK.

  It makes no difference if we run in central CEF instead of dCEF.
It makes no difference if we turn off all the features (netflow,
named access-lists, ip accounting) on that PA-FE.
  Yes, i know, accounting won't run with dCEF, it 'falls back' to CEF.
We have even tried with CEF instead of dCEF keeping the accounting,
and running with dCEF but turning off accounting; no difference.

  Has anyone seen this?

thanks, regards

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