Re: [nsp] 12.0(6)S memory leaks

From: Mark Prior (
Date: Mon Nov 01 1999 - 20:25:49 EST

        Anyone know anything about the 12.0(6)S memory leaks? We
     have a 12.0(6)S 7513 with 42M being held by process *Dead*. A
     quick search on CCO turns up CSCdp17433 and CSCdp22970, but the
     notes (that I can see anyway) both say

     "No Release Note information is available yet. .. [ blah blah blah]"

        The TAC guy says "Boy I've never seen a case where Dead is
     holding memory like this..."

Yeah well I've got one holding 33M. It had dCEF running but the router
has disabled it due to a lack of memory in the VIPers :-(

        I'd like to up or downgrade.. I guess I could go back to
     the 12.0T train, but I kinda wanted to avoid that, and I like my
     ssh and turbo ACL's..

I probably don't have enough runtime with 12.0(7)S (or similar) to
tell if its any better though. The router in question has been running
12.0(5.6)S for 11 weeks. My longest running (4 weeks) router using
12.0(6.5)S1 has 7M held as dead (Exec is blamed for 2 230k chunks but
most of it appears to be small chunks associated with Virtual Exec).


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