[nsp] 256k ISDN, 512k ISDN on AS5300 IOS 12.0(5) IP

From: Dave VanAuken (dave@hawk-systems.com)
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 08:57:23 EST

is "ppp multilink" the only think required for dual and more bonded ISDN lines
to attain aggregate speeds of 256, 384k, 512k, etc...?

have customer currently at 128k dual channel ISDN working fine, wants to install
another ISDN and aggregate available bandwidth over all four channels to attain
a 512k connection. Need to know what changes needed for the AS5300 that he will
be connecting to to support that.

Information on hardware/software constraints on the client side would be
appreciated as well. Balancing this against a DS1 solution.



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