RE: [nsp] HSRP question

From: KF (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 04:20:14 EST

if you are using or want to use both 7206 as "router on the stick" then for each VLAN, you want to configure redundancy have to set
up an virtual IP address and priority

for instance:

interface Vlan99 (on Cat RSM or Interface fastethernet 0/0.99 for instance on 7206)
 ip address
 standby ip
 standby priority 200

the same on the other router but with the same standby ip address and different ip address
... Perhaps you are running also MLS on both routers... Anyway might help..



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> Subject: [nsp] HSRP question
> Hi,
> I have two 5505 (5505A and 5505B). Connection between the two is
> fastetherchannel. I have a Cisco 7206(old) router connected
> to 5505A and I
> wanted to add a new 7206(new) to 5505B. I wanted to implement
> HSRP, the
> connection of the 7206(old) to 5505A is through VLAN 21.
> What Should I do to implement HSRP?
> TIA,
> Angelo De Guzman

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