[nsp] GRE problem

From: Benjie Ko (gerwalk1@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 05:31:55 EST


Hello, this is a resend. I have mentioned before that
my provider will provide a VLAN for me. That is not
the case. It will be a routed network with each
endpoint connecting via ethernet. Each point will
receive an ip address not necessarily on the same
subnet. My worry here is I only have one ethernet port
on my 2501s and I need to connect my servers to my
LAN. This kind of connection is cheaper compared to a
point-to-point leased circuit thats is why we are
getting it.
Please help. Thanks.

I have the ff setup: 2 cisco 2501s and two unmanaged
switches connected over a provider's ethernet VPN

   switchA ----------------------- switchB
      | provider ethernet |
      | network |
     lan A

Connected to switch A are 2501A and serverA. Connected
to switchB are 2501B and serverB.
ServerA and 2501A are part of LAN A ip address, say
ServerB and 2501B are part of LAN B, say

. I will configure GRE tunnel between 2 2501s so that
LAN B and LAN A can see each other. will just put
static routes to the tunnel interface for
these.Secondary ip addresses on the 2501s will be
configured for each LAN.

This could be the config

router A

Tunnel 0
 ip address
 tunnel source
 tunnel destination
 ip address
 ip address secondary

ip route

router B

Tunnel 0
 ip address
 tunnel source
 tunnel destination
Ethernet 0
 ip address
 ip address secondary

ip route

Is this solution possible??


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