[nsp] Cisco Security Advisory: Data Leak with CEF

From: Hassan, Shehzad (shehzad.hassan@bellnexxia.com)
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 16:33:19 EST

Cisco Security Advisory: Data Leak with Cisco Express Forwarding Enabled
Public Release 2002 February 27 08:00 (UTC -0800)

By sending malformed packets, and capturing them after they have been
processed by CEF, an attacker may find a remnants of a previous packets in
them. The remnant data may contain whatever the previous packet has carried.
That may be parts of a document, mail or any other content.

Note that in an interactive session such as typing a password, characters
are sent one by one in separate packets. That drastically lowers the
probability that all packets will be captured. In addition, it is almost
certain that typed characters will be overwritten by the contents of the
attacking packets.

based on this I think the probability would be one in 1 in a billion,



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