RE: [nsp] custom queue vs rate limit

From: Hassan, Shehzad (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 12:19:37 EST

Both methods are ok,
there might be some hardware/software constraints you want to check for
platform/IOS under discussion.
once you've decided on a feature would recommend to go through the BUG list,
lots of surprises there.


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Subject: [nsp] custom queue vs rate limit

>From an NSP perspective when you have a saturated upstream link and you
need to "slow" down some, umm, unwanted traffic, would a prudent person
custom/priority queue the interface or would rate limiting be the answer.
If I re-queue the interface the traffic could still find it's way on the
upstream or downstream links. If I rate limit the interface it turns into
a cat and mouse game trying to find the sweet spot that allows the service
through but at minimum throughput levels. I'm currently leaning on
re-queue the interface because one I'm old school and two once I set the
queue strategy, I don't have to micro manage every network interface.

I'm really looking for some pros and cons that I haven't thought of yet.
Have I missed a really big reason due to direct involvement blinders. In
which case I need to wear a dunce hat for asking such a silly question?

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