[nsp] .1q subinterface counters

From: kevin graham (kgraham@dotnetdotcom.org)
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 21:18:55 EDT

I've checked FN, but am not sure if any of the descriptions I came up with
are what I'm actually working for..

Does anyone know what feature name (if it exists) I want to look for to
get traffic counters via SNMP for .1q subinterfaces? Looking at the
standard interfaces mib and the cisco enterprise tree I don't see anything
that looks right, but thought I'd check.

On a related note, I was playing on a new cat4k sup3 looking for some
functionality I might need from a cat 3550 (as functionality seems
similar). For non-switchport interfaces (traditional, numbered, routed
interfaces), is there a way (or future plans) to allow .1q subinterfaces?
Obviously as long as you don't have overlapping vlan numbering it's doable
with SVI's, but that's a bit kludgy when you have a client-facing port
you need to carve up for them.


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