Re: [nsp] %SYS-2-BADBUFFER

From: Scott Weeks (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 16:10:59 EDT

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Chris Fung wrote:

: Hi all,
: Today I upgraded a 7200's IOS to 12.0.21ST2 and find that the following errors in log messages:
: Jul 11 16:01:54: %SYS-2-BADBUFFER: Attempt to use contiguous buffer as scattered src, ptr= 6170EFA4, pool= 61607190
: -Process= "<interrupt level>", ipl= 1
: -Traceback= 60519074 600904B8 600B36BC
: CPU keeps high. Do anyone know what the problem is?

I found this, but it's for 12.2. All others say "A hardware or software
error occurred. Copy the error message exactly as it appears, and report
it to your technical support representative."

      %SYS-2-BADBUFFER: Attempt to use [chars] buffer as [chars], ptr=
      [hex], pool= [hex]

      Explanation An internal software failure has occurred during an
      attempt to process a buffer. This message occasionally indicates a
      hardware problem.

      Recommended Action Verify that the hardware installed in the
      router is supported by the Cisco IOS image. Look for other log
      messages that might indicate a hardware failure, such as parity
      errors. If these messages are absent, this is probably a software

Are you seeing other errors as mentioned? Either way it looks like a case
for TAC...


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