[nsp] 1000BaseSX, Cat4000 -> Lucent Cajun problem

From: Dmitri Kalintsev (dek@hades.uz)
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 03:18:18 EDT

Hello good people,

I have a problem on my hands. One of our customers who we've designed campus
LAN for, had one Lucent Cajun 550 switch with 4 port 1000BaseSX module that
he did not want to part with (the rest of the campus LAN is purely Cisco
equipment). Now, when I'm trying to connect this Cajun to a Cisco's
1000BaseSX uplink, I get "link" light on the Cajun, but not on the Cisco, and
cisco says that port it "not connected". This is not a problem with a fiber.
People who sold this Cajun switch originally have brought another Cajun and
plugged it into the same fiber pair that is used for cisco <-> cajun
connectivity, and it worked just fine. This is not a problem with Cisco's GE
module, either - it works fine from any port to any other Cisco switch on
campus. So, to sum it up:

1. It's not a cabling/distance/fiber type problem. It works fine bewtween
   cisco's connected via the same cable drop or between cajuns connected via
   that very same cable drop.

2. It's not Cajun's GE or Cisco's GE problem - both are of 1000BaseSX type
   and both work just fine connecting to their respective siblings of the
   same brand.

3. This is not a "port disabled" problem on either cajun or cisco - very same
   ports do come up when connected to (blah-blah, see above).

4. "Link" light does come up on Cajun, at the same time when it does not on
    Cisco. If I swap SC's around, link light goes away on Cajun also.

I'm suspecting that I may need a fiber attuneator or something, but it does
not make much sence: both Cajun's GE and Cisco's GBIC are 1000BaseSX, so they
ideally should work together. Or are they?

Search on the web came back with nothing. ;^(

Any ideas appreciated.


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