From: Jan Bacher (jb@jbacher.com)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 14:34:17 EDT

What would cause an IP address within a subnetwork to be unreachable from
most external networks when all other IP addresses within the subnet are

The machine in question has the correct IP, mask, and gateway and is a
print server.

The machine is reachable from its own router (serial and ethernet) and LAN.

The machine is reachable from other machines attached to the same backbone
provider (off-WAN, on-Net).

The machine is reachable from other a (very) few other national providers
(off-Wan, off-Net) but is mostly unreachable.

The subnet is announced as an aggregated route by the client's upstream
(but not direct) provider (AT&T).

IPs within the subnet consistently reachable are all standard workstations
or servers.

I do not provide access to the client in question and have no method of
verifying upstream router configurations or working with the client's provider.

This problem can be duplicated only with other printers. The router
reflects the correct IP to MAC address. If it was a printer issue and not
a routing issue, I would expect to *not be able to reach it off-WAN and
on-Net when I also cannot reach it off-Wan and off-Net.

Any ideas?

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