RE: [nsp] "verify unicast reverse-path" with acl causes %SYS-3-INVMEMINT

From: Barry Raveendran Greene (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 11:54:23 EST

Hello Miguel,

We haven't seen this one yet. So lets dig in to find out what is happening.
I've forward this to the DE to see if it is a bug. If yes, then we'll open a
DDTS to fix it. Lets take the rest of this off-line. Can you send a show
tech on the router (privately)?

A couple of notes about Unicast RPF .....

Note 1 -> the Unicast RFP code has changed in 12.0(14)S. This change is part
of a overhaul on Unicast RPF to all it to work on the ISP-ISP edge of the
network. 12.0(14)S has the new "loose check" option - which only check if
the source packet exist in the FIB - no matter which interface it came down.
So Unicast RPF can be used on the ISP <-> ISP edge to drop packets whose
source addresses are not in the FIB. It can also be used to target valid
source addresses that are part of an attack - using BGP to update all the
router's drop list (which is a combination of the FIB, BGP Next Hop, and a
static to Null0).

Check out the following whitepaper for details:

Note 2 -> the "ACL" option is not needed to configure Unicast RPF to work
with asymmetrical flows on the Customer <-> ISP edge. In fact, we thinking
about dropping this ACL in the phase 3 update of Unicast RPF (let me know if
you really need the ACL). This is documented in the ISP/IOS Essentials

ISP Essentials Whitepaper

ISP Essentials Seminar Slides

Philip and I are working on a updated security section that has the new uRPF


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> Hi,
> On 12.0(14)S, and previously on 12.0(9), enabling "ip verify unicast
> reverse-path" with an access list on 7206 serial intefaces causes:
> %SYS-3-INVMEMINT: Invalid memory action (free) at interrupt level
> -Traceback= 6046257C 60540C70 6053F2A4 60541218 6034C078 6035D670
> 603772C4 600ED1B8 600F4780 600F60A8 600F8810
> The access list only permits all and logs, since I just want to
> "catch" packets
> that are asymmetric, or maybe DoS.
> Known problem? Is it the logging perhaps?
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