Re: [nsp] Assymetrical DS3 errors?

From: J Bacher (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 12:57:42 EST

> > Can you recommend a good place to order custom length BNC cables prefab?
> Two of my associates that do K-12 school networking found that 75 ohm
> 3 dB attenuators in the line carrying the signal to their DS-3 cards
> made the errors go away. This "fixed" two DS-3s terminating in Cisco
> ATM cards. This sort of thing is a regular cable TV supply item.
> That probably makes more sense than buying killer long cables and
> using them as attenuators.

We tried a variation of 3db - 30db at the router end. The only fix was to
increase the physical cable length. Wished that the attenuators worked.

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