[nsp] Re[2]: (nsp) IOS 12.0(15)S: Any Feedback on dCEF/CEF/VIP's on 75xx

From: Stefan Simko (Stefan.Simko@KPNQwest.com)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 12:25:07 EST

You ran into same bug as me

Bug Id : CSCdt07408
Headline Netflow not working on GEIP+ with 256meg DRAM
Product rsp4 Model
Component netflow-switch Duplicate of
Severity 2 Status M
Version Found 12.0(11)S Fixed-in Version 12.2(0.10)
Release Notes

Unable to run Netflow and DCEF on VIP or GEIP+ card with 256
meg DRAM.
There is no work around except not running Netflow and DCEF
on those cards.
details may vary but problem is exactly the same.
today I saw it solved in 12.0(15.5)S, in lab it doesn't create these
errors, whether dCEF and NetFlow work - I don't know

check also bug navigator, it says something about 12.0.6S


> Folks,
> I have to sadly answer my own question:
> our attempted HW upgrade to
> 2 VIP4-50s with 2*PA-2FE each and 2 VIP4-80s with 2*PA-A3-OC3 each,
> 256MB memory (VIPs & RSP) and IOS 12.0(15)S completely failed and we
> had to roll back (SW&HW).
> Software seems to have problems with CEF/NetFlow on PA-2FE:
> *Feb 13 04:54:50: %IPC-5-SLAVELOG: VIP-SLOT1:
> 00:00:45: %IPFLOW-2-CACHEINIT: Error initializing IP flow cache

> TFTP-Loading a simple ATM Config (two subinterfaces, and some PVCs) onto
> a "shutdown" PA-A3 lead to "restart cbus complex":
> Loading rbs.upd from .... (via FastEthernet4/1/0): !
> [OK - 1293/2048 bytes]
> Feb 13 04:58:08: %RSP-3-RESTART: cbus complex
> Feb 13 04:59:30: %PARSER-4-BADCFG: Unexpected end of configuration file.

> And we saw various %FIB-4- and %FIB-3- errors

> For the rest of the story I can't really tell yet if it's more likely a
> HW or a SW problem, TAC-Case pending, intensive trouble-shooting (on a
> spare box) with our supplier scheduled for tomorrow: both VIP4-80
> (those with the PA-A3-OC3s) were crashing (differently).
> Well, just be warned in the meantime ;-(
> Regards
> CP

Stefan Simko, KPNQwest Czechia, tel. +420 2 81081081

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