Re: (Resend) Cisco MPLS configuration - PCALC:: Destination IP address not found

From: Eric Osborne (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 23:13:23 EST

see in-line.
also changed over to cisco-nsp from mpls-ops, because we're not
supposed to discuss vendor-specific things on mpls-ops...:)

On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 06:35:31PM -0800, Mark S. Lewis wrote:
> Question to those familiar with Cisco's MPLS implementation and how it's
> configured. I'm trying to establish an LSP *from* Cisco *to* another box
> directly connectioned on the FA 0/1. See my comments prefixed with "***"
> *** Running IOS (tm) 7200 Software (C7200-P-M), Version 12.1(5)T4,
> RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) on a Cisco 7306, I cannot seem to get an outgoing
> tunnel to come up.
> show mpls traffic-eng tunnels
> Name: cisco (Tunnel3) Destination:
> Status:
> Admin: up Oper: down Path: not valid Signalling: Down
> path option 7, type dynamic
> Config Parameters:
> Bandwidth: 3 kbps Priority: 7 7 Affinity: 0x0/0xFFFF
> AutoRoute: enabled LockDown: disabled Loadshare: 3
> bw-based
> History:
> Path Option 7:
> Last Error: PCALC:: Destination IP address,, not found
> *** The destination address is pingable and show up on the
> route table

yup. the 'not found' error means that the PCALC (path calculation)
couldn't find the destination IP address. Nothing to do with the
routing table, really. I notice that you have

> interface Tunnel3
> description cisco
> ip unnumbered Loopback3
> load-interval 30
> tunnel destination


> ip route Tunnel3

not that this is causing your current problem, but it's not likely to
help you any once you get the tunnel up. :)

> *** Anyone understand the "PCALC" error? I believe this is an OSPF path
> calculation which is failing. Here is the OSPF database.

You've got the right idea, but you want to troubleshoot TE rather than
OSPF. Is the router (directly connected, right?)
advertising in its TE LSA? 'sh mpls traffic-eng topo' is
useful for this sort of thing; make sure that all the relevant links
are being advertised.

> *** I am trying to get the Cisco to send the RSVP PATH request but this
> error seems to prevent it. Anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Any
> suggestions as to how to further isolate the issue? Thanks.

right; the PATH message won't go out unless we can calculate a path to
the tunnel tail, and that path calculation (PCALC) is failing.


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