[nsp] 12.0.14(S) and 12.1.3 WCCP

From: Miguel A.L. Paraz (map@internet.org.ph)
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 03:02:48 EST

Hi all,

I have WCCP working fine on a 12.0.14(S) 7206.
I used "ip wccp web-cache redirect in" on the desired interfaces.

I am now setting up on a 12.1.3 7206, but I find that "redirect in" is not
available, and only "redirect out" is.

What would be the proper command for the same effect? Replacing the IOS
with an 12.0.x.(S) is possible if needed.

By the way, it is not easy to dig up the WCCP section in the IOS pages.

Thanks in advance!


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