Re: [nsp] 12.0(16)S1

From: Ron Lewkiewicz (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 01:39:05 EDT

Can you share what other bugs the TAC engineer has seen introduced in
12.0(16)S1? And if they are GSR specific or crop up on 7500s as well?
We haven't witnessed anything so far, but I'd like to know what I'm
dealing up against.


Travis Pugh wrote:
> Danger will robinson! Apparently, our old friend (this bug is following
> me, i swear) CSCds89515 / CSCdp48087 has popped back up in 12.0(16)S1, at
> least on the GSR. Anyone who wanted to pay attention to Cisco's security
> advisory re: BGP last week and upgrade their boxen should stick with
> 12.0(15)S3.
> (16)S1, on the GSR I tested it on, with dual GRP set up for auto-sync,
> came back up normally from the initial reload but started throwing the
> following messages:
> *May 15 03:46:20 CET: %MBUS-2-DNLDFAIL: MBUS Agent RAM download to slot 2
> and finished me off with
> *May 15 03:52:10 CET: %FIB-3-FIBDISABLE: Fatal error, slot 1: No window
> message, LC to RP IPC is non-operational
> on every line card. The box is up, software's running, console works, and
> all linecards are gone.
> Cisco has logged a case on it and will be forwarding info to whoever
> wrote this particular aberration of a software release, but this isn't the
> only bug the TAC engineer I got had seen on 12.0(16)S1 ... so stay away!
> Cheers.
> -travis

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