Re: [nsp] 'permanent' keyword in 'ip route'....

From: Elijah Kagan (
Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 06:37:56 EDT

A clarification on this matter......

It looks like for a 'permanent' route to appear in the routing table, its
related interface has to come up at least once. That is, when you add a
'permanent' static route to a shut down interface it won't be seen until
the interface is brought up. After that, you may shut it again and a route
stays. "Clear ip route <net> <mask>" removes it until the next 'no shut'.

Is that the expected behavior?

-- elijah

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Elijah Kagan wrote:

> Does anybody knows what is the 'permanent' keyword supposed to do?
> According to Cisco this keyword "...specifies that the route will not be
> removed, even if the interface shuts down".
> If I understand it correctly 'ip route <net> <mask> <interface> permanent'
> should stay in the routing table even in case the <interface> is down.
> Basically, it is a shorter form of:
> ip route <net> <mask> <interface>
> ip route <net> <mask> Null0 254
> For some reason, this 'permanent' keyword doesn't work for me on 12.0(_)S.
> The route disappears when I shut its related interface.
> Am I wrong in my understanding of what 'permanent' does?
> -- elijah

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