Re: [nsp] 2500 and ssh

From: Robert E. Seastrom (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 20:43:15 EDT

kevin graham <> writes:

> > one exists (your sales rep can probably help you obtain a copy),
> Is this a secret image (do you have a filename)? Feature Navigator
> completely drops the 2500 from the platform list as soon as ssh server is
> selected.

-r--r--r-- 2 ftpadmin ftpint 7142036 Aug 2 01:18 c2500-k4p-l.120-16.S3
-r--r--r-- 2 ftpadmin ftpint 7173276 Jul 11 15:19 c2500-k4p-l.120-17.S1
-r--r--r-- 2 ftpadmin ftpint 7265180 Aug 2 01:59 c2500-k4p-l.120-18.5.S
-r--r--r-- 2 ftpadmin ftpint 7224000 Aug 2 01:49 c2500-k4p-l.120-18.S

> > although it is practically too slow on the 2500 platform
> Yeah, I'd assumed it would suck, but we're just using them for infrequent
> console access, so I figured I'd see just how bad it was before ruling it
> out.

about 15 seconds to do your login. It's not heinously bad, but it's
inconvenient and annoying. Your NOC staff members may resort to
covert acts of passive aggression and vandalism to express their
displeasure. :)

HOW TO GET THEM (following is the "README.crypto-images" from a 12.0S
subdirectory on Use step 5 and log in with your
CCO login.

Instructions for accessing 12.0S crypto images on

NOTE: As of December 6, 1999 56bit images (designated with "k3")
       will be available directly on along with
       the non-encrypted images.

1) Access with your web browser.

2) login to CCO using your CCO user ID and login password.

3) Go to:
   and apply for the desired crypto image:
   Select either:
  - 56 bit Normal IOS 12.0
  - Triple DES Strong IOS 12.0
 NOTE: you need to apply for access to 56-bit and 3DES seperately.
 NOTE: when you complete the web appproval process it will say
  "You can now download..", but YOU CAN'T access 12.0S images
    via the web interface. You must ftp directly into

4) After you complete the CCO web approval, you must QUIT out of
    all existing ftp sessions to
5) ftp

  To access 56 bit images:
   NOTE: 56 bit images are available on with the
         the non-encrypted images in the build set.
   NOTE: 56 bit images now are designated with -k3

  To access 3DES images:
   cd /cisco/crypto/3DES/ios/beta/wizjam/nextlevel
   ls (you should be able to see the images)
   NOTE: 3DES images now are designated with -k4

The SSH images in the S train are:
   c7200-k3p-mz 7200/Service Provider/SSH-DES
   c7200-k4p-mz 7200/Service Provider/SSH-3DES
   rsp-k3pv-mz 7500/VIP/Service Provider/SSH-DES
   rsp-k4pv-mz 7500/VIP/Service Provider/SSH-3DES
   gsr-k3p-mz GSR/Service Provider/SSH-DES
   gsr-k4p-mz GSR/Service Provider/SSH-3DES
   Additional SSH-3DES images are available for other platforms
   2500, 2600, 3620, 3640, and 4500


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