Re: [nsp] 2nd BRI call problem

From: Ryan O'Connell (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 09:56:47 EDT

On Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 06:38:02AM -0700, Jim Warner wrote:
> Hello. We have 3 BRI interfaces on two routers named coast and summit.
> When trying to place a call from coast to summit, the first call
> completes, but when the second call is placed (to the same dialer string),
> I get a busy error message.
> I am suspicious of the ISDN switches between both my routers which are
> PacBell and Verizon. Is there anything I can do to narrow down where the
> busy signal is coming from?
> Aug 15 23:04:16.597 UTC: Cause i = 0x8091 - User busy
> Aug 15 23:04:16.601 UTC: Signal i = 0x04 - Busy tone on

Assuming the switches are following the standard, the zero in the second
place for the cause code indicated the "user" (router) returned busy.
Try debug isdn q921/q931 on the other router and see if you can see the call
incoming. If not, looks like a switch problem as you suspect - try talknig
to the local switch providers (Private or public) and see if they can do any
debugging. If you do see the call, examine the debug information to see if
you can see why the router is refusing it.

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