[nsp] VOIP Over ATM 7200VXR's ?

From: Kevin Gannon (kgannon@lancomms.ie)
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 07:20:02 EDT

We are looking at running VOIP over some ATM PVCs the problem I think we are
to run into is queueing. The 7200VXRs do not seem to support WFQ at the PVC
rates we
run (90Mps).

1. With FIFO do you get a seperate set of queues for each sub-interfaces, so
if we
    ran up a seperate PVC/Interface then we could live with FIFO on just
this interface.

2. Do the newer queueing features LLQ/CBWFQ support higher data rates ?

3. Is anyone brave enough to run VOIP with FIFO ?

4. We are even willing to run with a TDM/CES solution and buy nailed up
    but there is only a full length CES card which means getting rid of the
    ATM PA's :o(.


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