[nsp] 12.2(2)T Service Provider on 3662 w 256MB

From: Przemyslaw Karwasiecki (karwas@ifxcorp.com)
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 21:31:11 EDT


Is it too unrealistic to have 2 BGP full table sessions,
+ couple of BGP to customers on 3662 running 12.2(2)T
Service Provider Feature set?

Once router is stable it has
1) minimal CPU utilization (unless there is BGP storm),
2) relatively modest memory utilization:

VECCSNOC3661x1#sh proc mem | incl BGP
 107 0 81803400 39928 81757808 0 0 BGP Router

But it is virtually impossible to reload it when two BGP sessions

CPU is going to 100%, and before router receive all prefixes,
it crashes BGP Router process and starts all over again.

The only remedy for this is to enable BGP sessions one by one.
But this is unacceptable.

The reason for 12.2(2) T is that it needs to have MPLS LDP.

Do you happened to know any better IOS supporting this, or my
expectations are simply too high (2 full BGP on c3662)



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