[nsp] 6500/IOS+CatOS [12.1(7a)E1+6.2(2)], HSRP + local-proxy-arp problem

From: Dmitri Kalintsev (dek@hades.uz)
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 20:05:14 EST

Hi good people,

Does anybody have something similar and actually working:

Internet Data Centre, 2x6500s as a gateway to the world, running pVLANs,
primary VLAN interface is configured for HSRP and local-proxy-arp . We are
having some major troubles with this configuration (see Subject line for
software revisions), when customers have intermittent connectivity or no
connectivity to outside world at all, which seems to get sorted out by
installing static ARP entries for them on both 6500's. It looks to me that
some sort of ARP race condition takes place, and proxy-arp'd ARP takes
precedence over real ARP as sent by customer machines. Did anybody see
something like this before? We're at complete loss, and our Cisco NSA is
too. :(


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