RE: [nsp] 6500/IOS+CatOS [12.1(7a)E1+6.2(2)], HSRP + local-proxy- arp problem

From: Desmarais, Jonathan (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 04:15:52 EST

I assume the two customers are on the same ip subnet, just isolated using
PVlans.. If this is the case, in stead of proxy-arp, (an almost open door to
the underworld) try adding a route to the local network via the gateway. ie.
local ip is say, other customer is on same subnet,
add route via default on both servers. Although most IP stacks
usually know not to use routes to send to local addresses it will if you ask


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Subject: Re: [nsp] 6500/IOS+CatOS [12.1(7a)E1+6.2(2)], HSRP +
local-proxy-arp problem

On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 08:22:04PM -0500, George Robbins wrote:
> proxy-arp is unspeakably evil and will result in much pain.

"ip local-proxy-arp" is the only way to get two customers in different
community VLANs talking via layer3.

> There are some specific 6500 pVLAN restrictions noted here, which may
> have bearing on the general issues:

Been there, seen that. Thanks, but this did not help us. By the way, there's
bug CSCdv24926, which looks promising (although it talks about non-E train,
as far as I gather, and we are running hybrid rather than native IOS. I'm
waiting to hear from NSA, who promised to look into code to see if fix did
make it into E stream.


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