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From: Thomas Kernen (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 14:43:49 EST


thanks for the advice, I might just add that these switches were running
in a NYC datacenter where the power is all from the main UPSs and all
racks are grounded. Just in case this does give someone a few other
ideas as to what this could be caused by.


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I am have sent this link to Thomas but i suppose i should just post it
here..We have also been having problems with cisco switches rebooting in
ronmon and staying there..This is a known bug and has been fixed with a
upgrade and patch..The below link describes the problem and shows how to
it. I hope this helps some of you guys :)

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We had some a 3424 and a 3508 die. When we RMA'd the 3524 it
sounded a lot like there were known hardware problems with them
and the exchange was quite pro-forma. The rest of that lot
are still working fine.

I'd say if it hangs up in POST repeatedly, just tell them that
it was unreliable. You should try to capture any diagnostic
output on the console port, I don't know if there's any setting
to make them more verbose.

With reference to the Smartnet stuff, most new Cisco switches are
supposed to be lifetime warranty, all smartnet gets you is an
instant replacement. Not sure what the deal is on older switches.


> From: "Thomas Kernen" <>
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> Subject: switches that die and resurrect
> Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 22:16:17 -0400
> I seem to have an interesting bug that no one has ever come across and
> Cisco's RMA people are not enjoying for the least. I have had 3
> die within a short period of time. 2x 2912XL and 1x 3548. Always the
> same issue, they run fine and suddenly freeze and then reboot. When
> reboot it's straight to POST code. All switch lights stay on except
> port 1 and 2 which are off.
> So you power cycle once, twice, still no change. So you replace the
> switch, get it RMA'd and by the time it reaches the supplier or Cisco
> well it works just fine. So they start to complain about boxes being
> RMA'd for nothing.
> Everything else in the rack (7206, Sun E250s, Firewalls, PCs) all work
> fine, only the switch has an issue. We checked it for heat issues, the
> temperature is ok (approx 24 C). The power distribution is the same
> for the other machines in the rack, most if not all Ethernet cables
> been replaced. We even moved racks to make sure but the problem still
> occurs.
> If anyone has any idea what could be the problem I would love some
> feedback since no one I know seems to have any suggestions other than
> what we have tried.
> Thomas

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