Re: [nsp] 10Mb eth question

From: Blaz Zupan (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 07:42:54 EST

> I have a Cisco2500 ethernet connected to a switch. The 2500 is supposed to
> route back the traffic comming from Eth0 back to Eth0 if the destination of
> the traffic is another router connected to another port of the same switch.
> Will my 2500 do that(the Eth0 is 10Mb and half-duplex so I cannot make it
> trunk). i.e. can I make something similar to "router-on-a-stick" topology
> without VLANs on 10Mb half-duplex port?

You can certainly do it, but performance will not be that good. You can use
secondary addresses on the ethernet port (ip address x.x.x secondary). Make
sure you turn on "ip route-cache same-interface", otherwise this traffic will
be process switched, which will drive the poor 2500's CPU crazy.

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