[nsp] Cisco 2501 will not respond via console

From: wbashlor@wayxcable.com
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 14:38:10 EST


I have just received 4 2501 routers from an eBay purchase. He said they were tested and were working fine when shipped. I have two that work fine and two that have the exact same problem. They will not respond via the console. I'm using the same cisco recomended settings for the console for all routers, and same console cable.And all routers show boot sequence. But when the two that has a problem finishes booting, it will not respond to my keyboard strokes. It sticks at the question about entering the setup mode. I can even during boot ctrl-break out to rom monitor but after that it will not respond to keystrokes. Any idea's? Thanks...


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