Re: [nsp] Frame relay and tcp/rtp header compression

From: Thomas Kernen (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 16:49:32 EST

That's what I thought so. I believe I understood correctly (or I think I


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> The routers on either end of frame relay pvc perform the header
> compression/decompression. The frame switches in between are not
> The compression is hop by hop, meaning the header may go through the
> compress decompress cycle multiple times depending on the number of
> links in the path that have header compression enabled. The
> process is lossless so multiple compress decompress cycles do not hurt
> integrity. But the header compression process is costly CPU-wise and
> introduce extra delay and jitter into the traffic stream.
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> Subject: [nsp] Frame relay and tcp/rtp header compression
> I've been debating rtp and tcp header compression over frame-relay
> interfaces. The way I understand this is that the a frame-relay
> built on Cisco boxes that are acting as the frame relay network
> simply look into the frame header for routing the packet and the
> tcp/rtp header is not taken into account therefore allowing one to run
> tcp/rtp header compression on PtP links accross such as network
> enabling tcp/rtp header compression on each path.
> Is this correct or am I missing something?
> Thomas

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