[nsp] Last SW release the NPE-200 will be supported on: 12.1

From: Gert Doering (gert@greenie.muc.de)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 17:33:31 EST


this sentence scares me:

"Last SW release the NPE-200 will be supported on: 12.1"

found it on:

(end-of-sales notice for the NPE-200 and 7206 chassis)

(for other scary things, see also:

Anyway. What they write is:

-- snip --
EOS NPE-200:
NPE-200 End of Sale: January 1, 2002
NPE-200 End of Software Support: January 27, 2004
NPE-200 End of Hardware Support: January 27, 2007
Last SW release the NPE-200 will be supported on: 12.1
Last SW release the CISCO7206 will be supported on: 12.1
-- snip --

Can somebody translate this for me, please? Does this mean "if I had
purchased a NPE-200 in December last year, and want to put 12.2 or
12.2T IOS on it now, it won't even boot"?

I have no major issue with "End of software support: January 2004" - I
don't foresee any major new developments (like "IPv6" support) happening
even after that, so using the software that's current in end-of-2003
would most likely be fine for us.

But the (implicit) "no software support for the NPE-200 in 12.2 and up"
part really strikes me as scary - we *do* have a few NPE-150, NPE-200 and
NPE-300s, and especially 7204/7206 non-VXR chassis left that I *do* want
to upgrade to 12.2T/12.3 with IPv6 eventually.



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